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Shannan Farr

" My goal as an artist is to create work that I would fall in love with if I saw it in a gallery because of its vivid color, relaxed mood, and effortless style. I am passionate about my subject matter and meaning behind each piece."

   Creating art is a positive outlet for me and also my career. I have a bachelor's degree in Visual Art from Lander University and I have taught art since 2005, most of those years at the high school level. I try to teach students not only art techniques, but instill a love for creating and viewing artwork.

   My subject matter has primarily been focused on the beauty and mystique of horses. I also enjoy painting Southern landscapes, my recent work on cat collages, and a sprinkling of other subjects, such as portraits of my daughter. I always create based on what I am passionate about. Horses will continue to be a mainstay in my artwork, but in the last couple of years I have felt compelled to create religious pieces. I base my images on symbolism that help me and, hopefully, the viewers to grasp and connect with these intangible concepts and beliefs.

   I prefer painting with acrylics and oils because this media allows me to mix vibrant, saturated colors and layer paint to create depth in my work. Collage has given me a vehicle to layer texture and color as well. I especially lure to incorporate scripture and hymns into my mixed media pieces.

   In much of my work, there is often a strong light source depicting how the light falls in the late afternoon. This is not only a beautiful time of day, but a time to unwind, slow down and enjoy our surroundings. I want my work to reflect this mood. I want my viewers to connect with my subject matter and be drawn into my work.

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